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1pcs Essential Oils 10ML for Diffuser Aroma Fragrance

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Essential Oils to soothe you into feeling relaxed. When used with aroma diffuser, our essential oils will fill the environment in any room with the best aroma and bring the beauty and smell of nature to you!

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Use for aromatherapy,When used with an aroma diffuser, our essential oils will fill the environment in any room with the best aroma and bring the beauty and smell of nature to you.
It can help lifting your mood, creating a serene atmosphere and relieving your work stress after a long day. Whenever you smell the fragrance, you will feel comfortable, pleasant and relaxed.


People available:

All gender/Adult
Applicable symptoms
People who are depressed, physically and mentally exhausted, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, etc.

Product feature:
1.Natural ingredients, mild moisturizing does not stimulate 
2.Quality product 
4.Produced by a factory with FDA qualification
5.Without any animal experiments

1.Due to the high concentration of essential oils, it is recommended to always dilute with carrier oil before any use other than aromatherapy.
2.For external use only!
3.Seek medical suggestion if allergy or irritation occurs.

4.Consult with doctor for any medical questions if you are pregnant or nursing.
(Note: Cinnamon, sage, and ginger essential oils are forbidden for pregnant women!)

How to store:
Keep out of reach of children.
Discontinue using if you experience redness or skin irritations and consult with our doctor. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with warm water immediately

How To USE:
1. the essential oil drops into the aromatherapy machine 3-5 drops (depending on the size of the room)
2. turn on the power about half an hour, the aroma can walk in the room air, stay 4-5 hours of fragrance
3. follow-up if needed, you can continue to add essential oils


The low-concentration lavender essential oil is a natural antiseptic and disinfectant. It has the functions of anti-depression, calming and detoxification. Lavender can promote circulation and relieve the panic of the patient in the pain. It is an emotional soothing agent. It can soothe mental restlessness caused by injury. Relax your mind, enjoy your body and mind, and create a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere.

Tea tree essential oil has high volatility. Extracted from the leaves. Anti-bacterial, regulating breathing, preventing mosquito bites, purifying, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial functions. The faint fragrance of phendoxine released by plants can remove impurities from the body by inhaling it into the body.

Lemon essential oil is highly volatile. Extracted from the peel. It has antibacterial effect, can help focus, help thinking, and refresh the brain. Deep inhalation of the aromatic scent can regulate emotions and invigorate people. Be careful not to store in the sun.

Rose essential oil has low volatility and can reduce inflammation and sterilization. Extracted from flowers. It can relieve anger and has a fragrant smell. After the natural fragrance enters the brain through the olfactory nerve, it can stimulate the anterior lobe of the brain to secrete two hormones, endorphin and enkephalin, so that the spirit is in the most comfortable state. This is the guardian of the soul. The best recipe.

Orange essential oil has high volatility. Extracted from the peel. Orange essential oil is one of the few essential oils with a calming effect. It has a sweet orange scent, which can drive away tension and stress, improve insomnia caused by anxiety, promote sweating, and thus help blocked skin to expel toxins. Be careful not to store it in Under the sun.

Chamomile essential oil is distilled from flowers. It has a great soothing effect. It can relieve anxiety, tension, anger and fear, relax and have patience, and feel peaceful. Relieving worries and calming the mind is very helpful for insomnia

Eucalyptus can cool the body in summer, and can help protect against cold in winter. It has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-insect, and deodorant effects, promotes concentration, and research has proven that it has the characteristics of resisting filtering viruses. Used as an insect repellent.

Mint flavor is refreshing, refreshing, and has a unique effect of soothing the body and mind. It is one of the ten essential oils for beginners and beginners. The cool properties of peppermint can soothe anger, hysteria and fear, boost the spirit, and give the soul free space to stretch out.

Cinnamon essential oil has low volatility. Extracted from the leaves, it also has the effect of sterilization and disinfection in the air, and has an excellent soothing effect on exhaustion, weakness and depression. Its warm and soothing qualities. Note that pregnant women should not use it.

When used in very small doses, it has a calming effect on the nerves because it can soothe the parasympathetic nerves and is suitable for fatigue, depression and sadness. Makes the reaction faster and obviously enhances memory. However, it should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, because it can pass menstruation and retreat, and may also cause uterine cramps

Ginger essential oil has high volatility. Refined from the roots. Warm emotions, make people feel sharp and enhance memory, happy mood, but also increase your vitality and self-confidence. Note that pregnant women should not use it.

Rosemary can improve memory, make people clear and organized, and is most suitable for candidates or people who overuse their brains. Activate brain cells, make the mind clear, enhance memory; improve nervous mood, depression and lethargy; make people energetic, strengthen the mind, and have a boost and excitement effect.

It can both comfort and boost, so it is the best choice for anxiety, depression and mental stress; its invigorating effect is different from the excitement effect, and it can help people relax.


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